Asia Pacific 98 % Region Faces Epidemic of HIV / AIDS infected teenagers

Asia Pacific 98 percent of HIV-infected teenagers AIDS is spreading in the world of science that is normal to be anxious. Areas most affected by AIDS in 10 countries in Asia Pacific, which includes China and India with Pakistan. 10 countries in Asia Pacific, 98 percent of teens 10 to 19 years of age are… [Read More]

The common problems and their causes in tongues

The common problems and their causes in tongues >There are nearly ten thousand of our mouths taste buds. >Tongue in many parts of the body is concerned. >Be white coating on the tongue is a sign of bacterial infection. >Light yellow and flat iron deficiency in the body is the tongue Taste in our mouths… [Read More]

Highly Effect Solution How To Reduce And Relief Migraine Symptoms | Headaches & Medical Treatment Almonds

Learn How To Reduce Migraine Symptoms And Headaches Treatment Problem Almonds >Migraine is caused by stress and action-filled life. >Migraine is considered basically neurological problem. >Almond is not present in the rest of the protein and magnesium >Yoga and meditation exercises to get relief from migraine. Nowadays half of migraine or headache is the result… [Read More]

Simple And Amazing Diet Plan Tips For Weight Gain

Simple And Amazing Diet Plan Tips For Weight Gain Diet plan for weight loss is easier to stay, but would increase the weight they often have problems with the diet plan. Healthy weight gain means the right amount of protein, vitamin and mineral intake of fiber. The soy, cheese, sprouts, lentils, poultry, fish, beans, etc…. [Read More]

The Amazing benefits Effects Of Banana Stems | Juice Effects For kidney & Weight Loss

The amazing benefits effects of banana stems >Banana is a healthy fruit, but the stem is usually considered inedible. >Banana stem is rich in nutrition and minerals. >Try adding banana stem to your soups and salads. >Avoid stems that are too tender. Most people enjoy eating bananas and usually include it in their daily diet,… [Read More]

Reasons Why Smart Mobile Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health | Affect child Brain Activities | Cancer Risk

Brain activates mobile >Research claims the impact of good health on the phone. > Active minds that with prolonged use. >Phone exposure increases glucose in the body. >However, careful to use the phone. You will often see young people glued to the phone. See them the same care that comes to your mind pretty much… [Read More]